Meet The Troupe

Taylor Weinberg
Taylor is a leading actor and producer in the original play series, Taking it too Far. He is a graduate from Oneonta State, originally from Merrick, Long Island. After graduation, he worked in Fundraising and Development for the Manhattan Theater Club. He is now a freelance worker in the production industry as well as an abstract visual artist.
Leanne Gallati

Leanne received her BFA in Musical Theatre from Rider University and currently lives in Astoria, Queens. Within Loop Troupe, she performs with the Family Band and works on the execution of music and social media related projects. She is currently the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Publisher of Playbill. She can always be found with a jar of peanut butter in hand

Megan Roe

Megan is the resident choreographer for Loop Troupe. She first became involved in the second rendition of Taking It Too Far. She choreographed the opening dance number, which was the troupe’s first musical song and dance act. During the summer of 2017, she also arranged the entirety of Unsinkable: A Titanic Musical. Megan also  choreographed a Halloween themed album release show for the band Zuli as well as the music video, “Panic Boy” for the band, BlackJeans.

Chris Mackin

Chris is a producer, director and composer. He is a co-founder and the Artistic Director of Loop Troupe. He has produced and co-created several programs across multiple mediums including Taking it Too Far, Loop TV, and the Loop Troupe Family band. Chris serves as Assistant Producer for Broadway production company, Alexis Productions helmed by producer Anita Waxman.

Samantha Nugent

Samantha Nugent is an actor, comedian, and writer. She graduated Cum Laude from SUNY Oneonta in 2015 and is now a writer, performer, and producer for Loop Troupe. You can see her donning a boa and cane for her old lady stripper character, or behind the camera for LoopTV!

Kathryn Ricigliano

Kat Ricigliano is a theatre enthusiast and Suny Oneonta graduate, currently residing in Astoria, Queens. She assists in the organization and creation of content/production of all Loop Troupe projects. Kathryn has contributed multiple original scripts that were performed in Taking it Too Far. She is an employee of Penguin Random House, the largest publishing company in North America.

Dan Shein

Dan is the Social Media Manager and plays bass in the Loop Troupe Family Band. He shoots and edits all creative video projects while working with a team to produce content on a daily basis for all social media platforms

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Bradley Michalakis

Bradley Michalakis is an actor and director.  He is a founding member of Loop Troupe, working with the group as a performer, director, writer, singer, and designer.  After graduating from the University of Delaware in 2016, Bradley has worked at Theatre for a New Audience, The Acting Company, the Delaware REP, and Delaware Shakespeare Festival.

Satoko Mori

Satoko Mori is a pianist from Japan.
She moved to NYC in 2014 and has been performing at theatres in New York as a pianist, keyboardist and music director.
Her Off-Off Broadway credits include classic musicals such as "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Yaki Yim Bamboo", "Winter Wonderland 2017", and original musicals such as, The Charm, A Moon in the Morning, Martha Cipolla for President, Unsinkable, and Taking it Too Far.
As an accompanist, she works on musical theatre workshops for Queens College as well as the theatre company, "The World Voice Ensemble". Satoko is the backbone of the groups entire musical catalogue. She arranges, transcribes, directs, and fearlessly forms the foundation of all musical endeavors.

Jay Figueredo

Jay Figueredo is a performer/producer/writer with an M.F.A. in Film & TV Producing from Brooklyn College’s Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. In addition to his work with Loop Troupe, Jay is developing an assortment of entertainment properties spanning multiple media platforms such as film, animation, video games, mobile apps, comic books, and live events. 

In the summer of 2016, Jay produced a feature-length independent film called “SUBLURBIA” that he wrote, directed, & edited. In the summer of 2017, Jay led a successful Kickstarter campaign for the first Loop Troupe web series, Loop TV. He is currently developing an original animated television series, among other projects.

Jay has performed in a variety of Loop Troupe shows as an actor and a singer. It was his experiences as an actor that initially drew him to the creative and production side of the entertainment industry.


Andrew Tejada

Andrew is an author (unpublished), actor (unpaid) and comedian (unlicensed). He graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2013 with a Theatre Major and journalism minor. Andrew is best known for his role as Mr. Loop in Loop Troupe's "Taking it too Far" and lesser known for his role as a boyfriend due to the fact that he is single. He would tell you where he worked during the day, but then you'd fall asleep. Outside of Loop Troupe, Andrew works with an amazing group of people to develop original work for A.S.K. Theatre company.

Josh Santiago

Josh is the rhythm guitar player and one of the primary songwriters for the Loop Troupe Family Band. His funky strumming patterns and obscure chord voicings are responsible for some of the most recognizable and unique parts of the band. Josh is also a leading actor in Taking it Too Far, mostly known for his exquisite mime technique in “Lend Me a Hand” and “Nonsense”

Anthony Gabriele
Anthony is a Brooklyn based actor. He's worked with Loop Troupe since 2016 as a performer, director, composer, and musical director. Anthony has also done regional theatre, and worked with NYC theatre companies WalkUp Arts and Fancy Boys.