May 20, 2015

About Us

Welcome to Loop Troupe! We’re an underground society of looped-out weirdos, crazed clowns and sketchy musicians, joining together to blow your mind with wild live shows and catchy musical hits! We bravely go where no man, clown or lizard-person has gone before, in search of wacky new gags and grooves to make you giggle and wiggle. A whole world of silly characters, crazy stories, groovy tunes and daring dance-moves is waiting to be discovered at every Loop Troupe show. We’re funny, we’re funky, and we’re always popping out brand new jams and jokes to entertain YOU.

Founded by our great-great-great-grandfather Lawrence “Loop” Trouperson in 1872, Loop Troupe has long been considered the classic American Circus-Act/Jam-Band combo. Historians and critics have praised Loop Troupe for our “revolutionary blending of tragedy and farce in the theatrical space” and also for our “super fat grooves” and our “scary clowns.” These kind words inspire us to keep creating new performances to shock you and rock you like you never thought a travelling clown-show could!