Family means something different to everyone. To us, it means spending quality JAMily time together jamming out on our family’s long list of groovy tunes. Bound as much by our love of music as by the blurry genealogical ties of the Trouperson bloodline, this Family Band is bigger, bolder and more bombastic than any other. We love MAKING MUSIC, we love HAVING FUN and we love YOUR WACKIEST DANCE MOVES.

So bring it! Come join our big old family and get down to our original tunes in every genre you never knew you loved! We bring the funk, we supply the groove, all you bring is a good attitude. GET IN THE LOOP and keep your pies eel’d for our upcoming shows and gigs!


But what is a show? And what is a gig? Is there a difference? Big questions for our tiny clown brains.


Here’s the scoop, a gig is a smaller set where we jam out on our tunes and only bring one or two of our crazy characters. We love to play gigs all the time!  You name it: bars, clubs, parties, alleyways, next to your bed while you’re trying to sleep–WE WILL JAM ANYWHERE. Just ask our roommates! So keep up to date on the location of our next gig!


A show on the other hand, now that is something much much bigger…


Our shows are wild! We become many bands in one, all sorts of strange characters can take the stage to perform their own original music, varying wildly in genre and time-period. We take from our family’s massive repertoire of songs and we also love to collab with family-friendly musicians. Our tunes will make you GROOVE!  Get ready for a crazy dance-party featuring the wackiest and funkiest musical acts we could imagine and bring to life!


We also would love to produce YOUR band’s next concert! With our team of designers, performers, dancers and clowns, we can bring your vision to life in the form of a spectacular event!